THIS MONTH!   ***Sat., October 15th at 10:30 am The Barn’s Free Wild Food series is back again!  Nutritious food is everywhere and it’s FREE!     This week you’ll find out about goldenrod!  Solidago (goldenrod) is derived from the Latin verb solidare, which can be translated “to make whole”.  Traditionally used for: Arthritis and gout, Allergies, Colds and flu, Inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract, Kidney stones, Eczema (applied to the skin), Minor wounds (applied to the skin).  We will show you what it looks like, what parts to use and how to best eat it….a bubbly tonic water/ vinegar/bread/soup or tea yum!  ***Sat., Oct. 22nd 10:30 am Barn’s Herbal Medicine series!  Medicinal Cannabis has been in the news a lot lately.   Wonder why?  It is being used locally in nursing homes, treating PTSD, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis and so much more.  Find out how it’s used and hear from patients, compassion clubs and growers.   ***Sat., Oct. 29th 10:30 am  Herbal Medicine series continues!  Say goodbye to insomnia using herbal medicine and easy lifestyle fixes!!  Chris Savidge, the Barn’s acupunturist, will talk about how to get better, more restful sleep NATURALLY!   Come out and learn our SATURDAY demos are FREE!   Be a backyard beekeeper!  Sunday, Oct. 23rd for more info check out our workshop page!      **NEW!   OPEN MIC is now Saturday 2-5pm!