Becoming a Member

membershipWhile anyone can shop at The Barn Co-op, only members will receive:

  • Savings each time you shop!
  • Access to member-owner monthly case deals and discounts
  • Discounts at co-op workshops & events
  • Voting rights in Board of Director elections (one vote per member-household)
  • Opportunity to be involved in the leadership and structure of your store

Levels of Membership:


Membership fees are $45/year.  The initial $45.00 fee includes a one time $5.00 member share and $40.00 annual dues. The subsequent annual dues for membership is $40.00/yr.


  • We are raising $200,000 Start-up capital to create the co-operative, purchase The Market business and purchase the Barn and to expand the existing Market business with our collective Vision
  • We have 2,000 Preference Shares  available with a par value of $100.00 each
  • Preference Shares can only be purchased by a co-operative Member and are not transferable unless approved by the Board of Directors
  • The principle value of the Preference Shares is not guaranteed (unlike a GIC)
  • Preference Shares may be purchased directly from The Barn Co-operative Network Inc. or using a Self Directed RRSP (To Be Confirmed).
  • You can purchase one share ($100) or up to 199 shares ($19,900).
  • The co-operative Board of Directors will be developing a Preference Share Redemption Program that will address when and how the co-operative will buy back or redeem Preference Shares.

**To become a member and/or investor, please download this form. Once you have completed the membership form, all you need to do is send it our way!  Either by mail or in person.  The address is on the form**

**Member’s Wellness Library: This small reference library is free for members and serves as an inspirational centre for those thirsty for knowledge and ideas consistent with healthy lifestyle (DVDs, books, CDs) .   Donations of your favourite wellness books or DVDs to share with our community are welcome!

3 Responses to Becoming a Member
  1. Lynn Munkley and Christopher Thomas says:

    A question , or two …
    We filled in a form pledging investment and membership at the meeting on February 3rd. Do we need to do another form, or does that one still stand??
    Also – I could not find a membership form on this email – is it there?
    Thanks for all the great work. This is exciting.
    Cheers …Lynn

    • Kara Wildeman says:

      Hello Lynn!

      If your pledge remains the same, there is no need to fill out another membership/investor form. Next time you are in The Market, if you could drop off your cheque made to The Barn Co-operative Network Inc. that would be great!

      The form can be found by clicking the red word ‘form’.

      Many thanks,

  2. Joan and John Merriam says:

    Great initiative.

    How can become Members ($45/annually)
    There is no link for a form

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