Phase II of The Barn is coming soon!    

Make 5.25% on investment shares.  To find all the exciting details and how you can invest your money into a local community project please contact Candice or Clark!

Feel Good, And Make a Little Cash on the Side!!

The Barn Co-Operative is pleased to announce our exciting new investment opportunity: our Socially Responsible Investment!


Why Socially Responsible? By investing in The Barn Co-op you are contributing to a positive human experience designed to expand wellness for ourselves, for our community, and ultimately, for our fragile Planet itself. Consider, for a moment, that we offer a return on investment (ROI) far more meaningful than the monetary 5.25% per year growth.


By investing with us, you:

  • Make an ethical and socially responsible investment;
  • Foster healthy, connected and sustainable communities;
  • Join a growing number of citizens who are dedicated to a healthy Planet;
  • Feel good about being part of the change movement; and also
  • Accrue 5.25% tax free annually on your investment


Interested in learning more? Contact Clark at either 519-379-3392 or and we’ll schedule you for a 1-hour appointment to explain the process further, answer your questions, and complete the paperwork. Alternatively, drop by the Barn, leave your contact info at the Coffee Bar, and we’ll get back to you!


Are You Ready?


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