Our Vision

FinalBarnlogoThe Barn Co-operative is a co-operative community hub, based around healing arts, whole, local & organic foods, education, Coffee bar, gallery and artisan works. It is built for the community, by the community: a social enterprise. The Barn Co-operative’s main focuses include reintroducing the use of food as medicine, the preservation of food diversity, support of sustainable food production and distribution, continued education on consumables, and their impact on our health, culture and environment, and lastly, to make good food attainable and affordable for all. The Barn Co-operative has risen out of a need for a community centre where we can gather together, share, grow, learn and celebrate in a healthy environment.




3D8A8239marketThe Market: A highly successful resident grocery store that specializes in local and organic foods.

Organic Coffee Bar: Offers organic and fair trade coffee, along with teas, specialty drinks (such as wild tea shots) smoothies,  soups, Buddha Bowls & grilled sandwiches from our new location above the grocery on the second floor of The Barn.   We offer a  selection of delicious gluten/dairy free & vegan options too:)
3D8A7186boutiqueBoutique: A variety of dedicated planet friendly vendors offer goods and services
consistent with a healthy lifestyle on our second and third floors.
3D8A8233Yoga (2)Movement Therapy (Yoga, Meditation & more) Studio: Members of the Barn can participate in yoga and other movement based therapies in a dedicated studio.
Natural Health Practitioners: Local wellness practitioners offer their skills in a treatment room on the second floor.
Workshops and Events: The whole building and property offers space for a variety of events and workshops designed to enhance community knowledge and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
Wellness Library: This small reference library serves as an inspirational centre for those thirsty for knowledge and ideas consistent with healthy lifestyle. Donations of your favourite wellness books or DVDs are welcome.

 Art Gallery: A new local artist displays their art quarterly, or monthly as our spotlight artist of the month, to help create a unique blend of energy, design and resources aimed at well-being and good health.

Educational Information Demos & Open Mic (any music style/spoken word/all ages) every week!

Local Artisan Market: 3rd floor

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