What is a Co-operative?

Holding-handsDid you know that Co-ops are the fastest growing socio-economic movement in the world!?  They exist in virtually every sector of the economy including agriculture, financial services, and housing.

There are approximately 10 000 cooperatives and credit unions in Canada alone providing products and services to 18 million members!  Each co-op is unique unto itself, but are all membership-based.

Here are some of the reasons why we LOVE co-operative’s and why we hope you will too!

  1. Co-op’s allow like-minded people to provide themselves with desired goods and services at a reasonable cost.
  2.  Co-op’s have a traditional democratic control model of “1 Member – 1 Vote”.  This means decisions are made by all members, and prevents one person or a small group of people from getting control.
  3. Income generated by the co-op remains in the community.
  4.  Profits not reinvested in the co-op are allocated proportionally and paid back to members based on their volume of business.
  5.  Co-op’s have “Limited Liability” of members. Members / owners liability is limited to the amount of the value of their shares plus any shares that have been purchased but are unpaid.
  6. Permanence – A co-op enterprise continues even if members / owners leave.
  7.  The co-op movement provides educational and networking opportunities at a local, regional and international level.
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  1. Arlene Stone says:

    Can’t find any reference to your operating hours? Want to drop by sometime, but need to know when you open and when you close.

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