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SUMMER Yoga & Fitness schedule    *DROP INS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!    
FREE WEEK OF WELLNESS: September 9th-16th
M O N D A Y S       (NO class on Monday, September 4th)

*6:30-7:45PM  Candlelight Yin Yoga & Singing Bowls w/ Vicki Rowsell   Experience soothing candlelight ambiance while calming the mind and body during this grounding practice where postures are held for several breaths. Followed by a deeply relaxing savasana and the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, this class is the perfect remedy for a restful sleep!

Yin yoga conditions the connective tissues, which improves flexibility and joint health. Specific postures stimulate the meridians of the body, allowing for better energy flow to the vital organs. The meditative quality of Yin yoga helps quiet the thoughts and cultivates mindfulness.

The sounds from Tibetan singing bowls encourage relaxing brainwave states, which promotes wellness and healing. These sound vibrations can positively impact all aspects of our being and help bring us back into alignment.
*4-5:30PM   Lower Back Program (6 weeks/ workshop series, must preregisterw/Joanne Pineau class starts September 11th (supplies are needed therefore you must preregister for this program)    Try the first class of the program for free to see if it will work for you and decide at the end of the class if you would like to join:)
T U E S D A Y S      
*10:30-11:30AM MELT 4 week series starting September 12th A low/no impact program focusing on  gentle stretching and blood flow.   Designed to teach you how to continue at home at the end of the series. 
*4:00-5:30PM   FREE class during September’s Wellness Week!  
(SCIATICA workshop series Sept. 12th – Nov. 14th, must preregister)


*10-11:15AM    Foundations of Yoga w/Candice Newmaster   *FREE for Wellness Week:)

******THIS class will change to a 9:30am start time on September 14th

S A T U R D A Y S   
*9- 10AM  Karma Yoga !!   (POSTPONED for the SUMMER, will begin again in the fall)  A great opportunity to try out an affordable class ($5 donation), and experience a variety of teachers and teaching styles. An excellent way to start out your Saturday! All levels welcome 🙂
Class prices:
drop in $15
drop in MEMBER $14.25
10 class pass $130 ($13/class)
10 class pass MEMBER $123.50 ($12.35/class)
20 class pass $240 ($12/class)
20 class pass MEMBER $228 ($11.40/class)
** Discounted class passes can be used for any class and must be used up by the end of 2 (10 week) sessions.    As sessions change so does our yoga schedule.   To help us plan the best times & days for our yoga classes please fill out this very short survey 🙂  Thanks so much!!!
Free Week of Wellness     June 25th – July 2nd   Session runs until September 9th

Free Week of Wellness     Sept. 10th – 17th  Session runs until  November 25th

Free Week of Wellness     Nov. 26th- Dec. 3rd   Session runs until Jan.27th 2018